Christian Songwriter: Claire Hutchinson

Claire Hutchinson (B.A. (Honors) English, University of Winnipeg; M.A. English, University of Manitoba; Cert. Feature Film Writing, Cert. Professional Program in Screenwriting, UCLA) is a produced and award-winning screenwriter, script analyst, film festival judge, speaker, songwriter, and producer. She is the screenwriter of the film "Lucky's Treasure", starring Michael Ironside ("Top Gun", "Total Recall"), Delaney, and J.T. Neal. It was distributed by Pureflix and Universal Studios in 2017. She is also the co-producer, writer, and director of the short film, "Living the Dream," which won third place in the shorts category at the Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival in 2019.

Claire is also a recognized Christian songwriter, who has been writing songs since 2005. She co-wrote (with Tiffany Prochera) the soundtracks for her scripts, "Caleb the Colt" and "Memoirs of a Mouse", both animations. Her songs were recorded by noted singer/songwriter, Tiffany Prochera and singer, the late Mary Robdrup.

Claire is represented by Flat Rock Records for her soundtracks and her songs, "Come to Bethlehem" and "Jingle Jangle Jingle", as well as her upcoming releases, "Sing a Christmas Song for Me", "Have a Merry Christmas", and others.

You can purchase Claire's songs at Spotify, Itunes and other well-known outlets.