Patrick Dumont
Patrick Dumont

Singer - Composer.



Patrick was born in France, the 23 October 1960,during a concert of his father Jacques Dumont, famous accordionist.
Raised in musical family he explored at early age music in all aspect
In 1984, he formed the group CASHBA. The group rapidly went number one to the Canadian chart and US underground club. Their video” feel the life” got heavy rotation on Muchmusic, Mtv, etc. They teams included the best musicians, bass player and keyboards player from Man without hats knowed for”Safety dance”.

In 1987, Patrick produced his father, and got a nomination for a Canadian GRAMMY (felix), for “best instrumental record of the year”.

After finishing a degree in international political science and fine art, Patrick decide to travel around the world and live in Fiji, New Zealand, and established himself in California.
Patrick as an amazing ability to use is voice as instrument and explores complex music with is 4 octaves. Many journalist mentions that he is the male version of Lisa Gerrard from Dead can dance who score Gladiator, whale rider.
In 2004, Patrick won the first place at the Moondance international film festival for best film score, 42 countries enter the festival with more than a thousand movies.
In 2003, the Santa fe international film festival commissioned him to composed the music for the ceremony awards Milagro, attended by Stephen Simon, producer of Indigo children, What dreams may come, Shirley MacLaine.

Recently, Patrick got the contract to do the music of the most creative video game call the Wild Divine, a biofeedback game interacting DeepackChopra.

Work in progress,
composing the music for the NASA project Cassini, the 3d animation to show the historic landing of the space probe to Saturn.The Dance of the Master is a tv show of 35 episodes, this is a big challenge to merge music from around the world.