Susan Jansen


Susan Jansen

Susan Jansen is a native of Indianapolis. One of the younger members of a large musical family, Susan fell in love with the acoustic guitar at the age of nine and taught herself to play.

Two years ago, she unleashed her creative musical desires and began writing lyrics, composing and arranging music on a full-time basis.

The results have been astounding. Gifted with a wealth of material, she now enters the music scene as a brand new artist of the Pop/Folk/Country & Contemporary Christian genre with the impressive, simultaneous production of two debut albums.

'Desert Lily' and 'Foolish Little Miracles' are recently being released under the Flat Rock Record label. Her audience finds themselves unexpectedly caught up in the rhythms of her tunes, soothed by her buttery vocals & harmonies and cajoled by her generously upbeat lyrics.

Her zest for life is remarkable. Her love of "the Divine Composer" is clear. Her positive energy is refreshing and her willingness to share it makes her, in the lyrics of a recording by the late John Denver, " a promise for the future and a blessing for today".




1   Foolish Little Miracles

2   Christ is my Compass

3   Play Me (Sony of ST. FRANCIS)

4   Today is the Gift

 What Shall I Give

6   A Mother's Song

7   Abba, Papa Father

8   Sea of Hope

9   Victory For Love (Peyton's Sony)

10  Magnificat

11  Before I Sleep







 $15.00 us



1 Somebody Like Me

2 Get Your Shoes On

Desert Lily

4  Rain On Me

Star Sailor

Before I  Sleep

Dream Travelin'

8   Today is the Gift

Red Means Stop, Green Means Go

10  A Stranger Once More

11 She's Got Her Gun

12  Circle Game

13  I Just Can't Imagine

 14 Gemini Girl





 $15.00 us







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